Reshma Govind
In the past few days India has witnessed the most shocking terror attack in Mumbai. It really makes us wonder whether we can walk on the streets or be in a movie theatre or a restaurant or railway station or our home in India without being blown up into pieces or shot dead. My relatives are also there in Mumbai and by god’s grace they are safe. But it’s really horrifying to know that they are always living in a state of fear and uncertainty , where you cannot tell whether your loved one will come back home from work or school or college to share all that happened in a day and be with you..... Yes,I know life is always uncertain but this state of fear and uncertainty is unbearable. India is now listed among the 20 most dangerous places to visit, where the other countries in the list are Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Thailand, Mexico, Lebanon etc. The most frustrating part of all this is the fact that State Government of Maharashtra was warned of these attacks from March onwards , but still no action was taken towards it. It sounds like a cliché if I say government didn’t do much to help. But now it’s high time they get up and do something to protect our beautiful India.

It’s been so shocking that I was glued in front of the computer to follow the related reports closely in NDTV Live. There was a lot of debate going on everywhere about why always most of the terrorists turn out to be Muslims. Of course I agree with people who argue that terrorists doesn’t have any religion... Every religion teaches about God, loving, sharing, helping others... It’s always sad to see how people misinterpret the teachings of a great religion Islam, to engage in killing innocent people. If people say only Muslims are terrorists then 2002Gujarat Riots is a good example of how Hindu activists have done some of the worst, horrendous things ever to happen in this world in the name of religion and revenge. The most shocking and haunting incident is that of a Muslim pregnant girl. She was full pregnant, but the rioters dragged her out of her house while she pleaded to take everything she had….. money, valuables everything but just to leave her baby alone. But these human ‘beasts’ slit open her womb with their swords, pulled out the unborn baby and burned it alive along with her. Many women (including pregnant women!!!) and young girls were raped in the name of revenge. Here is the picture of a young Muslim surrounded and attacked by Hindu rioters, begging to the Police to rescue him from there (Sources -
His helpless face is such a haunting image which will never go off from your heart. All these terror has nothing to do with any religion. It’s a bunch of cruel, heartless, crazy people who has gone blind and mad and just uses religion as a mask for all the horrible crimes. All these acts underline the fact that ‘Man is the beast of all animals, god has ever created”. Here I take a moment to pray for all those people who lost their lives, all those people who lost their loved ones, all those people who happened to face these great terrors in the name of religion and last but not the least , all those who are fighting against terrorism!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Excellent topic and writeup. We can feel the reaction of an Indian citizen from this... Keep up the voice loud let the world hear.

  2. Danz!! Says:

    Aahmm... Ivide aayathu kondu kalippillaaa.. :)