Reshma Govind
How can i stop myself from entering this attractive blogging world??? Today everyone is in a blogging spree. Yeah..why not? It lets you talk about anything you wish and it will be read by people whom you have never met from different parts of the world, that's quite interesting..isn't it? In fact, blogging for me, is a very nice platform to express our views and thoughts loud in front of a big audience. That sounds almost like public speaking. Most of us may not agree with this point of view.I am a person with lot of stage fear. It always intimidates me to go and speak loudly and confidently in front of a group of people be it 10 or 100.Hence i would like to think of blogging as a public speaking experience which inspires me more to enter into this intoxicating world.

Now coming back to this wish for blogging, initially it was an idea of blogging my dishes. I am not a great cook nor do i have a lot of experience in cooking. But people seem to enjoy some of the dishes prepared by me where as some are utter disasters.But still i love cooking, hence with my hubby's support i thought of starting a cooking blog. Feeling thrilled i started surfing for the cooking blogs to get some ideas. That's when i was taken aback by the vast number of blogs already in place, flourishing in every which way with beautiful skilled photographs captured with DSLRs (which made me wonder if having DSLR is one criteria for a cooking blog!!) and excellent recipes one can ever think of. That put an end to my desire to start the cooking blog. I know i am not being very sporty here. But to be frank,it kind of scared me. But still the wish to blog remained in some corner of my heart. Now that many of my friends started blogging ,my wish to blog which was comfortably hidden some where inside me has resurfaced again.But i dropped the idea of starting the cooking blog and thought of writing one which will open the doors into my little world.I enjoy this idea more. There is no limitation to the topics. But still i want to include cooking posts also to satisfy my love for cooking. With all these thoughts, I have decided to call this blog - My Little World. On that note, I welcome every one into my world and hope you enjoy every bit of it.

I would like to start this blog by devoting a prayer to Lord Ganesha. This is the Gayatri for Lord Vighneshwara,one who removes all vighnas or obstacles.

"OM Ekadantaya Vidmahe
Vakkratundaya Dheemahi
Tanno Danti Prachodayat"

Vinayaka Gayathri Translation
We devote our thoughts to the one tusked Lord, we meditate upon him who has a curved trunk. May the tusked one guide us on the right path

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17 Responses
  1. SR Says:

    Good start... Welcome to the bloggers world.
    best comp from SR.

  2. Girish Says:

    Nice one! A good start I would say :) Waiting for more...

  3. great work Reshma.. Nice start!! All the best with your blog.. put on your recipes.. i am waiting.. if possible post videos of your dishes..

  4. Hi,

    Great starting!!!

    Blogs are help us to share our views and opinions about different topic to public very easily and effectively.All of us have open as well as hidden talents.So By showing these and receiving comments on them will improve our confidence level.Blogs about Cooking helps people like me.Waiting for your recipes and funny things about your cooking experiments.last but not least..let its be a forum that will make blossom of all your thoughts.

    Wish you all the best!!!!!!

  5. Jyothy Says:

    hi di ..
    nice way to start dear.. hope to see more coming its way so tht i can enjoy my leisure hrs at work.. ehehhe.. and also lookg forward to ur recipes.. keep it up !!!
    - Josri

  6. sandaya Says:

    kolllaattoooo...thudakkam assalaayirikkunnuu....

  7. Ninku Says:

    Resh..arangettam kemamayirikunu..ini paripadi aarambikuu..kandille ellarum kathirikunu
    great start.

  8. Goldy Says:

    hey Resh, that was a good blog to start with..:-)))enjoi!! HAve fun blogging!!

  9. Saritha Says:

    hey gud post ur recipes too..njangalum padikatte wishing u gud luck in the world of blogging :)

  10. Sijith Salim Says:

    Welcome to the blogger's world


  11. Jitha Says:

    Very cute one...
    Waiting to see more from u :)

  12. Resh Says:

    I thank each and every one for all the wonderful and encouraging comments. It really made my day!

  13. Sunitha Says:

    liked it .. very simple and cute.. do continue...

  14. Joise Says:

    good going ...... direct dil se.... Keep scribing. Hope to read more.

  15. Danz!! Says:

    Awseomely perfect ennonnum njan parayunnillaa.. but i liked the way you have started it out.. Good work resh.. waiting 4 more.. keep rollin!! :)