Reshma Govind
Yes…this is a new kind of disaster that had hit my home yesterday night. It lasted for about 2-3 hrs and the after effects continued to the next day also. Having fulfilled my wish to enter into bloggers world, my new goal was to post some very successful recipes that I had tried out. But I realized that I cannot blog any of those recipes , since I never checked the exact amount of turmeric or red chilly or coriander or jeera powders...for that matter any other ingredient. I will have to try them all once again with exact measurements!!! Mean while I thought of trying something new and that’s how I came up with the idea of Batura (I know…I over estimated my culinary skills !!)

I started off by mixing all the ingredients for making the dough. I did not have second thoughts about the experiment even though I didn’t have baking powder. The recipe asked to use sooji/rawa for maintaining the puffiness of Batura. Why not??? I added sooji. It had big grains, but I felt lazy as usual(as my mom says LAZY can be my nick name!!) to grind it to fine powder. The dough was a bit sticky, so I added some oil (as per instructions) and left it covered with a wet cloth inside the oven (you need a warm place…and no, I didn’t switch on the oven!). I was supposed to keep it for minimum 3-4 hrs, but I took it out after 1.5 hrs (patience is a virtue…when will I learn that??). Also If I keep it for 3-4 hrs, we would be having dinner next day early morning at 1 or 2 .... My dough didn’t look exactly as the one in recipe video (what did I expect??).But I went ahead with full confidence and started heating the oil in the kadai.

I was ready with a spatula to press the Batura softly in oil to get even golden color and puffiness. I took the Batura and slowly slid into oil, and to my shock, it stayed at the bottom of the kadai as if it was shy to come up!!! I tried to lift it up with my spatula and finally after 3-4 mins it decided to come up. Then I started pressing gently to puff it up and give an even golden color. 5 mins…10 mins….No, it doesn’t seem to puff up or change its color. Finally I gave up and took it out….I almost got an idea of my wonderful Batura and decided not to tell Sree . Let it be a surprise!!! Yes, it turned out to be quite a surprise for him, but not as pleasing as I had expected when I started out the experiment…..!!

So finally we had our oil soaked, hard, rubbery, white, flat baturas made with maida(difficult to digest..) late at night. When I started out, I never thought I would have so many prefixes for my end product. So now you know what not to do if you are planning to make Batura. I had planned to post the wonderful recipe of Batura with a mouth watering snap and finally I had the privilege to write how it became an utter disaster and what not to do!!! Whatever , does every one get a chance like this??? ; D

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  1. Ninku Says:

    hehe.nice read.reminds me of my doppam(appam which came like dosa).But Resh,dont give up.Try again,either you will suceed or commit new mistakes. If you commit new mistakes,it is progress, else success.

  2. Resh Says:

    thts a very nice way of putting it...yes i will definitely try again...hopefully its a success than a progress!!

  3. manumaan Says:

    Oh nithya, was that an appam whcich came out as dosa? I was thinking all the while that you made a Dosa and it came out like an appam!!

    Reshma...I am still ROFL...

    Sree...Adutha pravasysm njan varumbo nee udakiya mathi ketto food okke..

  4. crazyClickz Says:

    hehe very nice one..
    adutha pravashyam undakkumpo baturakkoru life jacket koodi attach cheythere.. Emergency situationil pongi veran :D

  5. Ninku Says:

    enitum pongilel,praise the batura. apo athu pongum.

  6. Resh Says:

    entamee...ellarum chalu paranju kalikkanalle.....but that was a good one feby n nithya:D

  7. Rem Says:

    Hey..Resh, nice read :) really funny and entertaining.... do try out new recipies... thank god i am not in US... pavam sri :D

  8. Mishmash ! Says:

    Hello Resh...thx for leaving the trail on my page, else I would have missed some light moments this afternoon reading your all your posts :) I liked the way you write....with no pretensions....and with a touch of humour...keep it up....and keep up this style...all the best :)


  9. ha ha ha.. i loved this one.. remember our gizzard in cooker? :D

  10. Ninku Says:

    gizzard in cooker?what was that?

  11. sunitha Says:
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  12. sunitha Says:

    reshu,check out this channa batura recipe..I tried this yrs back,came out perfect!!

  13. Resh Says:

    thnx di remyeee....yes..pavam sree!!

    soumya....gizzard abadham engane marakkana...enthayalum nammal oru paadam padichallo!

    nithya ..gizzard is a long story, will tell u in detail :D

    thnx di..sunu...i will give a try once again

  14. sunitha Says:

    endhu..di enthu vilichuo nee enne...hellooooo! Ithu njanna ,
    Suni chechi!!!!

  15. Resh Says:

    ayyo suni chechi for a sec i thought its my college friend sunitha :d

  16. Anupa Says:

    Hey reshma.. this one was really entertaining.. ur posts are all too good.. i enjoy reading them!!

  17. haha..I neva knew you used to food blog before..This gave me a good laugh..:D..happens baby..:D..eI dint even know how to make chapathi initially..ennlum Paavam sreekantha..:D:D