Reshma Govind
I called my home today and got the update from my sister that she just finished her GATE exams(Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering for doing her post gradutaion in engineering). It just took me back to my engg college days where i also had gone ahead and written this exam with all of my friends. I really don't know why i decided to waste 1000 bucks on that, because I did not prepare anything and just gave it because everybody else was giving it. Anyways this word "GATE" reminded me of a funny incident that happened that great day!

We finished our exams in St Thomas college at Trichur. After giving the exams, we decided to go to a friend's house in Trichur as the train to Ernakulam was in the evening only and we had plenty of time in between. We reached her house and had lunch and then sat there for some time. Then we decided to go to another friend's place and we got into the car and just as my friend's father was taking the car in reverse , he suddenly asked "How is Gate??". At that point my full concentration was on the car reverse and had my eyes set on their "gate".

I had completely forgotten that we had given a G.A.T.E exam in the morning and was wondering why is he asking about his "gate". I mean, it just looked like a simple ordinary gate!! So I hesitantly replied, "Ya its a good gate, I mean... "(what on earth was I thinking?!). Then my friend elbowed me and said "Gate exammmmmmmm " . By this time , my friend's dad noticed the confused look on my face, and realized my stupid blunder and started laughing out loudly. I am not saying anything more, just imagine my situation...

So that's my little gate story! Do you have any funny embarassing incidents like this???

Hope my sister get some good results in this "gate"exam though!
Praying for her...

2 Responses
  1. Sunitha Says:

    he he he... The GATE incident.. How could we forget.. My father still remembers you as the "GATE" girl btw..

  2. Resh Sree Says:

    :D :D...ya ..biggest blunder i guess..ippozhum alochikumbo oru chalippa!!!hoo