Reshma Govind
I know, I know...I am late!! Valentines day was almost one month back and I am coming with this post now! Anyways better late than never!! Last valentines day was my first one after marriage and I wanted to do something special for that. I kept thinking about a lot of ideas and finally decided to bake a Black Forrest Cake together! Yeah together..I do feel something special about cooking together :). Its really romantic...! To my luck, he loves cooking. It feels great at times to be pampered and served with food cooked by him, but at times, when I want to make something special for him, he always make sure to pop up with his ideas and suggestions every now and then and yeah you guessed right, at the end it will be more like his "idea dish" than mine!!!

Anyways coming back to the topic, we finally made a black forest cake!! I have been always amazed by all the beautiful cake photographs in some wonderful blogs out there...It was something I imagined only professionals could do!! But I have to say that I really got inspired by all those yummy cake recipes and mouth watering snaps . This is our first cake and I do not have any recipes to share here as we did not do it from scratch. I bought Betty Crocker Chocolate Cake mix and followed the instructions to bake the chocolate sponge cake and used Betty Crocker Whipped Cream and followed the recipes that I had come across in some great sites. I used vanilla essence for the sugar syrup and semi sweet dark chocolate for decoration. Unfortunately I couldn't find any Cherries (Murphys Law guys!...You dont get it when you go looking for it..) So managed with strawberries.... Did I say my black forest cake was authentic in the first place?? ;d.

P.S : Please excuse our decoration.. :d its really clumsy...I will definitely try to improve next time :)

Having said all about easy to use cake mix and ready made whipped cream, we still took one whole evening to finish this..but aren't I glad that we gave it a shot!!!. As soon we finished baking and decorating, I refrigerated it for some time, and tried out our first slices(yup, it was really difficult to resist our temptations that long!). Our first verdict - it was a bit too sweet and does not have the vanilla taste or the moist finish of a good cake. But the second day it all set in very well and the cake tasted just "yum"....I would recommend this to all those who want to try a hand in cake baking...this is of course a good start. And now, I sure can't wait to go ahead and make this cake again from scratch using all proper ingredients!

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14 Responses
  1. Superchef Says:

    thats a really delicious piece of cake!! its really romantic to be cooking together no, we do that on special days as well :)

  2. oh..appo thakarthu lle..looks pretty..Black forest s my fav cake..:)

  3. Superchef Says:

    thanks Reshma :) ya, of course i do know to read malayalam (both when written in english and in malayalam :) )

    n glad to know someone else is also up at this unearthly hour :D

  4. Neha Says:

    Reading ur comment,i was a bit ???, which posts, but seriously, i enjoyed reading them all, n specially snokerlling one. tooooo gud..

  5. Yasmeen Says:

    Awesome!never made my own blk Forest cake,remember tasting them in bakeries in India.Very rich and moist cake and of course the best ingredients is the chocolate:)

  6. Mishmash ! Says:

    WoW thats one cake doused with romance and that makes it more sweeter and prettier than any professionally decorated cakes! :)

  7. Preety Says:

    wow the cake looks so yumm

  8. manumaan Says:

    Seems you had a great time!! Cake bakki undo??

  9. Divz Says:

    ohhhh that looks so lovely!! its my fave cake...i can never have enuf of it!!

  10. Ninku Says:

    Kidu resh.Inspired by this, we have bought a cake mix.

  11. Sonal Says:

    lovely looking cake! will surely give it a try.. with cake mix and all :). i am very much scared of baking as all my bakery items turn to a 'disaster', as per my hubby dear :(.

  12. Malar Gandhi Says:

    Black forest is my fav' cake, this piece looks very gorgeous and inviting...lovely presentation.

  13. trueblue Says:

    Hey , nice piece ! You say the decoration is "clumsy" ..i wud say it is "from the heart".. Enjoy !
    PS: i found ur blog when looking for cheeppappam . havent found it yet .

  14. Ria Mathew Says:


    came to your blog through Tina's Kaipunyam! Loved the idea of cooking together :)