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I have fallen in love again. After all these years, I know it’s not fair to my dear husband. But he has found his new love too - his new Honda VTX bike & and calls her the "soul" rider... So excuse me, am allowed to do some loving of my own!! My new love has been staring and smiling and flirting with me for the past few ranch market visits. But I didn't have the guts to go up and talk. Finally I mustered the courage, went up and talked for a loooong time and then finally decided to bring him home along with me....we couldn’t bear to stay apart for one more moment! Ok, enough of my love B.S.


I am talking about this new marble/stone coated non stick pan. First of all I love its funky neon green color. Yes, I love a colorful kitchen. Speaking of which, I saw only one color selection for this pan. They should seriously bring it out in lot more colors. Now talking about the good points, it features a cooking surface coated with stone-hard mineral, non-stick interior, heavy-duty aluminum exterior, stainless steel bottom construction and molded, polymer handles (phew…quite a mouthful!). That is, if put in simple words…

  1. Needs very less oil for cooking.
  2. Doesn't stick to the bottom of the pan (unless you are really planning to neglect it!).
  3. Retains a lot of steam and heat and the food gets cooked fast and evenly. (So there, it saves us time and energy!)
  4. Cleans very easily and is dish washer safe (although I prefer to do hand wash only...)
  5. Handle is very comfortable, heat resistant, durable and safe.
  6. Not very heavy like stone wares 

Mine did not come with a lid. But I had tempered glass lids with me, which was a perfect match for the pan (one with the valves and stainless steel edges). It preserves moisture, heat and nutrients and also helps you to get a peek inside without opening up. Ok, now I almost sound like a sales person!


I have been neglecting my other non stick pans for the past few days. I always end up using this one again and again and again and again! Sree took note of my strong affection and emotional attachment for my new love and has promised to get me more (such an understanding husband....buahahaha!).So you guys out there, if you are contemplating on falling in love with this pan, please don't be shy!  I am thinking of getting another one of different size & color soon… :p :p!


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5 Responses
  1. Sunitha Says:

    Seen Tangled? Frying pans have other uses as well.. They can protect you too.. :). Good one..

  2. Gagan Says:

    wow.. will recommend to my wife.. hope she too finds a better love .. ;).. so i can breathe :)

  3. Resh Sree Says:

    @Sunu...thnks da. I haven't seen Tangled! will chk it out...I can imagine it being used as a weapon....

  4. Resh Sree Says:

    @Gagan .. haha ...hope that happens for your good ;D

  5. Sou Says:

    good one!
    I am bringing one home after the next time ;)